Color Jolt QAL Week 4: Finishing Up Our Blocks

by | Oct 22, 2020

It’s week 4! If you’re just stumbling across the quilt along, circle back to the main page HERE to brush up on the schedule and any weeks that you’ve missed. 

I promised that this quilt would get easier after we went along and this week is going to be a breeze! 

This week we’re finishing up the rest of our blocks. If you’re making the throw size quilt that means 24 blocks, which is the same as last week but I bet you’re a pro by now so this should be quick and relaxing.

By the end of the week you’ll have all your blocks and this is the perfect time to line them up in your intended layout and see if there’s anything you want to shuffle around. Don’t forget that you can twist and turn them any direction you want because they’re perfect squares. So have fun trying out a few different combos and until you find one you love!

If you’re just jumping in, see the Week 3 post for tips on creating these blocks. Make sure to leave your paper on the blocks for now to keep everything nice and square for when we build our rows next week!

This Week’s Instagram Post & Prize

Our Week 3 winner of the beautiful wool mat by Nido Goods is: Michelle @shellyeahimadethis! Congratulations! DM me your address and we’ll get that headed your way.

    Week 4 Prompt: This week’s prompt is less contemplative… show us what you’re making! A few of your favorite blocks or your finished blocks laid out or… whatever you want! Think about how to photograph your blocks that let us FEEL the way you feel about your fabrics. One of my favorite things about photographing quilts and pieces of quilts is that it gives me a moment to step away from my workspace and bring my work into beautiful sunlight or hang it on the wall or position it next to some vibrant plants or with my favorite sewing notions. A moment to appreciate the hard work that I’m putting in and step back to remember what I love about the fabrics I chose and envision my finished quilt. It always blows a fresh wind across my creative spirit and refuels me for the various tasks required to finish the quilt. Take a moment to show off your hard work!

    Week 4 Prize Sponsor: This week’s winner will get a CAD 50 gift card from Kathryn at The Cotton Box that you can use in her online fabric shop. Kathryn is the one who put together that gorgeous Perennial kit for the Color Jolt and her online fabric shop has vibrant, saturated fabrics in fun, new lines that just came out for fall. So you’re going to have ALL the pretty options if you’re this week’s winner!

    Longarm Quilting

    This your weekly reminder that Katie @ ModernTextiles here in the US and Kerry @ That’s Sew Kerry in the UK are both offering a 15% discount on quilting for your finished tops! You’d still pay the normal (very reasonable) amounts for batting or anything else you buy from her and any shipping. ⁠You’d need to have your quilt top to her by the end of February 2021, so finish those quilts 😉

    When your quilt is ready, you can reach out to either of these ladies (depending on your location) and they’d be happy to answer any questions or walk you through the process of getting your quilt to them.

    That’s it! Happy quilting! 



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