Hi! I’m Kate, and I’m the face behind SparkleStash. I would say that I’m the designer or quilter behind SparkleStash, but the reality of running a small business is that I’m the designer, quilter, accountant, computer programmer, technical writer, social media coordinator, customer service rep, and probably a few other things I’m forgetting right now. Which I absolutely love (most days).

I started SparkleStash when I was a new mom and found myself craving something creative and intellectual to do for a break from making bottles and worrying about tiny things that were clearly going to be fine (yes, the baby did eventually start crawling…).

I design things that I wish existed. Every pattern starts from a mental image of a mini quilt I want for the wall of my studio, a mug rug I want to send to a friend, or a quilt I want to sit under with my tea when the weather starts to turn here in Minnesota.

The quilting world is extraordinary and one that I’m thankful every day to be a part of. The blend of modern creativity and deeply rooted tradition is one that inspires me and I try to weave that balance into my designs.

So if you love quilting, welcome. You’ve come to the right place. Have a look around. Happy Quilting!

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